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What we do, and don’t do

Our main mission is to do exactly what our name implies; help you create and tell compelling stories that will get you the kind of exposure you want in targeted media outlets. To get there, we’ll do what it takes from messaging workshops to story creation, media training, and television production. Our goal is to put you where you want to be.

We are not a full service PR agency

In fact we’re not any kind of PR agency. We don’t think that it’s cost-effective, or frankly any kind of effective to have a team of 20-somethings pitching stories they don’t understand to a list of media contacts they don’t know.

We do have long standing relationships with full service PR agencies, and if your situation requires, we are happy to help you choose an agency for whatever project may come along. Or we can work with any agency you already have on board.

For Startups – Mega Service at a Micro Price

If your business is just coming out of the gate, you may have a boatload of great ideas, but not a boatload of cash. Compelling Telling has a cost-effective program specifically designed to grow with your startup. We don’t have a lot of overhead, so you won’t be paying for resources you don’t need. We’ll help you take those first steps toward translating your product or service into key messages and getting those messages to your target audiences, without sinking you in the process. And you’ll never get stuck with a junior staffer. We don’t have any. We invite you to talk to us about just how much we can get done, and how little it will cost you.

Thought Leadership

We believe that an integral part of building your brand is to put your key executives into places where they can be seen as thought leaders. Sometimes that means not just promoting your company, but positioning your executive as someone to turn to for views of your entire industry. The opportunities may be in print, in broadcast, or at industry gatherings or other public events. You may have a key issue that you think is critical to your future but may not be a part of your product or service. We will put together a plan of action to get those executives seen and heard. We’ll help your leaders get the message out that they have something to say that an audience wants to hear.

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