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Gary Kaye is an active journalist who writes regularly for:

AARP - the website for one of the nation's biggest organized lobbies, the American Association of Retired Persons. Gary writes regularly on matters relating to how technology impacts Baby Boomers and Seniors. Watch for his year long series, "See Me, Hear Me", about how major consumer electronics companies are dealing with Baby Boomers and Seniors. In addition he appears on the AARP radio programs "PrimeTime Focus" and "Prime Time PostScript". He has also been a guest on the AARP syndicated television program, "Inside E-Street""

Gary is the technology columnist for Prime Magazine

He is the senior writer at Tech Toys Magazine where he does regular product reviews

He is also a contributor to Electric Bike Report a leading website covering the rapidly growing electric assist biking community.

Gary's articles have also appeared on the FoxNews.com website and he was a Contributing Editor to Photonics Spectra Magazine, a leading journalal in the field of photonics and electro-optics. He was also the founder and publisher of Zero Energy News, a website focused on energy efficient homebuilding.

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